About Me


Hi! I’m Zachary. I’m a computer programmer living in the San Francisco Bay area. I’m also an assistant cheerleading and gymnastics coach at SF State and a local cheer gym. When I’m not writing software I’m hanging out with friends, reading, playing or practicing sports like cheerleading, gymnastics, pool, skiing or snowboarding, sailing, biking, or running.

My main area of technical expertise is iOS programming, but I’ve spent the past ten years programming professionally, and only about 4 of them working on iOS. I currently work for an amazing company called SalesforceIQ.

In addition to my iOS experience my technical interests include: networking, social network analysis, user experience and human/computer interaction, and kinetic typography.

I’m a pretty active photographer when time permits, though it does take me forever to post my photos. You an find me on some of the following photo distribution resources:

I went to school at Villanova University, just outside of Philadelphia. I studied computer engineering with a minor in computer science and was a member of these organizations:

  • Villanova Cheerleading
  • Sigma Nu Fraternity
  • Computer Club
  • Eta Kappa Nu
  • Tau Beta Pi

You can find my resume here.