About this site

This site is created using Hugo and as a rebrand of my old Wordpress Site. After years of doing WordPress and paying for Jetpack, I decided that I didn’t care about comments and would much rather control the individual pages. In order to do that I needed to learn the framework, and I was much more interested in Go than PHP.

October 10, 2023 · zacharyc


About Zack TL;DR: Software Engineer who loves working in iOS, backend systems, and front-end frameworks. Passionate about projects that help people live better lives. In addition to writing software, I’m a cheerleading coach, an acroyoga teacher, and sometimes photographer. I live in Newport, RI but will travel from time to time. Longer Story : Tech & Photo I grew up on the east coast. Spending years in Westport, CT, Haverford, PA and Lexington, KY, with side trips to Newport, RI and Killington, VT....

June 5, 2023 · zacharyc