Cheer Resource:

I’ve recently stumbled on a site that I think is in the same domain as Cheer Resource, It doesn’t solve all the problems that I’m proposing to fix, but it does do the basics of getting users connected to the site; finding out about various college teams; and showing their skills. The general site and navigation need a ton of work. They use a radio box where tabs should be placed....

November 5, 2008 · zacharyzacharyccom

Cheer Resource Intro

Cheer Resource is the name of my current web project. The whole goal of this project is to contribute to the cheerleading community by providing a centralized resource for cheerleaders, parents, and coaches alike to share knowledge about their programs and experiences. There is much work to be done on this project, including refining our goals and design, but most of that will be posted on the project page:

April 14, 2008 · zacharyzacharyccom