Golden Gate 75th Anniversray

Last Sunday was the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate bridge. Aaron asked me to go take pictures with him from Marin. We spent the entire day up on the mountain, but we got some pretty amazing photos from the top. Here is one: This photo was taken with a Nikon D300s (Aaron’s) and my 17-55 DX F2.8 Lens.

May 30, 2012 · zacharyzacharyccom

Photo Of The Day: First View of Yosemite

June 9, 2010 · zacharyzacharyccom

Photo Of The Day: Sea Horse

May 26, 2010 · zacharyzacharyccom

Photo of The Day: Pebble Beach

After a bit of a break, I’m going to try to start posting a photo each week day again. Here’s the first:

May 17, 2010 · zacharyzacharyccom

Photo of the Day: SCSU Basket Toss

February 25, 2010 · zacharyzacharyccom