I have a choice Of whether to use my voice Whether to speak up loud Or hide in the crowd To share my ideas abound Or take them to the ground I choose to share Not entirely sure where But quiet is not me I’ll shout with glee There are things to say So I start this day.

April 13, 2021 · zacharyc


What? What? What do you want now? Your have such high demands on me. All I want to do is sit here and be calm. To enjoy my day leisurely with the luxury that is deserved to me. So what? What can I do for you before I go back to my cat nap.

October 14, 2020 · zacharyc

Mamma Love

Momma, I love you. And not just a little bit. Like all the treats that you’ve fed to me love Momma, I know you know how much I love you Even when I’m barking up a storm during your yoga class It’s because I love you. I want the world to know my love Every time I shout from my tiny little (dare I say cute) dog lungs, It’s a cry of support and love for you....

October 13, 2020 · zacharyc


Oh, pardon me while ai snuggle I don’t want to start a tuggle, But this blanket is now mine Move and I’ll make you whine. This is my place Watch your face I need some peace To rest on this fleece I’ve had a long day I’m far too tired to play So let me be And you will see Tomorrow I will be more fun We will go out and frolic in the sun....

October 12, 2020 · zacharyc

Poem: Tahoe

Mecca of Snow + Ski A great place for gaining chi Not too far from Reno Best enjoyed with a glass of Vino Snow is better than the east coast Good enough for this worthy toast The air is so crisp and clear So raise your very best beer Lets start this off with the right level of cheer Stand Up, get off your rear Get your ass out here...

January 29, 2019 · zacharyc