I saw the new movie “Live Free or Die Hard” the other day, and I wanted to speak some praise about it. As I’ve gotten older I have become more of an action junkie, and this movie fit that mold perfectly. Bruce Willis was really great. I had been afraid from the commercials that he wasn’t going to act like the same character in the other Die Hard movies, but in the end he played it great.

What a shock Justin Long played a computer guy. He is probably most famous for his appearances in Apple Inc.’s Television commercials. I was very excited to see that he was using an Apple monitor at his apartment (in the beginning). Other than Dodgeball I have not really seen him in a heavy acting roll. I’m quite pleased to say that he was really great at his roll.

One last mention, Timothy Olyphant was the major bad guy. You might remember him from Gone in 60 Seconds. He plays a very computer savvy villian, and he does it well.

Alright, skip this next bit if you haven’t seen the movie and want to be surprised. The technology in the movie was a little far fetched, though it does make you think how much we do invest in our current technology. Why you would bring a PDA to hack a network, or monitor something is beyond me. If you had unlimited resources (which the bad guys clearly did) wouldn’t you just get ultralight laptops? They would be quicker to set up and use. Oh well, I guess it is just a movie.

Conclusion: Good movie, worth the watch. Take a chance if you have the time.