The best feeling as a coach is when one of your students has a great day. Yesterday evening was one of those days, and it means enough for me to be slightly late to work in order to write about it. There are three major components in cheerleading for a guy, throwing people around, throwing ourselves around, and yelling. Yesterday was a very strong day for our guys, to be called Big and Little.

Yesterday was Big’s day. He hit some amazing tosses with his partner, nearly getting to his next level of stunt. This was due to a HUGE improvement in technique for Big and I look forward to see how he does today with it. That wasn’t the limit to his success. He also strived in the second aspect of throwing oneself around, aka tumbling. He has grown faster in this area than almost anyone I have seen, starting from his level and really taking it up a notch. I attribute this to his incredibly positive attitude, and will power.

Little also had a good day, though he did it all on his own. His stunting was on par with his previous performances, but he was one of three people on the team to step up up and throw his tuck on his own. He landed all attempts cleanly, and was one of only three people on the team to attempt without a spot.

All in all, way to go guys. I can’t shout you out all the time (as the girls would get jealous j/k), but last night you really were awesome, and you deserve the credit.