I’m in the process of cleaning up some old files and folders that I have had lying around for many years. I stumbled upon this poem that I wrote, when I was roughly 12 years old. It’s not that great a poem, but I remember writing it because my father was banishing me to my room to work on homework, and I just couldn’t come up with anything, this was the result.

I cannot think in silence

Noise helps me think

silence gives you emptiness

My mind just starts to shrink

In silence your mind just drifts away

It’s hard for me to say

Why noise helps me this way

Noise gives me ideas, I think about what people say

I like all kinds of noises

A shout, a yell, a scream

Or a coach in the background with a noisy team

Silence doesn’t make any sense

But silence can make you tense

My dad thinks silence helps you think

I totally disagree

But that is another story, just wait and see

I cannot think in Silence.

Like I said, very old, but it is something I have never forgotten. (As I listen to music)