I often have ideas for good blog posts, but never get around to actually writing them. There are several reasons for this, but one stands above the rest. I hate large bodies of text. I hate reading them, and therefore I hate writing them for other people to read them.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to read a long block of text. Even in some of the blogs that I have followed in past, if they don’t break up their posts with diagrams or pictures or lists, I often have a hard time following.

So, here are the elements I try to include in my posts:

  • Pictures – worth a thousand words
  • Diagrams – used to explain what I mean visually
  • Lists – outline content and pull readers to the important points
  • Small Paragraphs – I like smaller, more direct paragraphs, though a bunch of these in a row can also be annoying.

I feel I need these elements to make a successful post. (Don’t ask me how I define successful, because I’m not entirely sure).

With that in mind I just purchased a Canon 870 IS pocket-sized digital camera. Hopefully this will allow me to take more pictures and thus make more posts.