One of my two dogs, Oliver had a seizure last night at roughly 1 AM. I was getting ready to pass out, having just got off the phone with my roommate to remind her that I was coming home in a week, when I heard a bark-squeak from the dog’s room. It was followed by a ton of claw scratching.

I flipped out, called for one of my brothers to wake up and went down to investigate, only to find dog seizing in the middle of the room. I had to stay up with the dog until 3 am so that he felt comfortable and would sleep (only after I drugged him with a dog sedative my mother had in the cabinet).

Needless to say, less than five hours later, I was up and getting ready for work. It is not is barely 9 am and I’m already drinking mountain dew in an effort to stay awake. I have a full day of training, so today should be a fun day! I always have issues programming or trying to see the picture while I’m tired.