A friend of mine just shared her personal blog with me. She is on an adventure for a year after college and she posts her thoughts and ideas on this blog for her family and friends to read. It’s really quite great. I haven’t talked to her in several months, but I was able to go to her site and read about what has been going on for her. The content is personal, but to some extent that is what makes it so powerful.

I try to leave most personal details out of this blog. Most of the stuff I write about is technical in nature, or based on some point that I think needs to be shared with the entire world, because that is who CAN read this blog. I’m not sure how many people actually do (though, by the number of people leaving comments, I would say my readership is at about 1, thanks Mike), but the number isn’t high. I try to leave out everything I might be embarrassed about, so that is lot of content. And while the posts tend to have personal significance, I really try to post things that aren’t exclusively useful to me, or friends.

I’m hoping to change this. I’m hoping to post revelations and ideas more often. I’m hoping to post information about my day, my life, my experiences. If this isn’t something that interests you, please feel free to skip, but I’m going to try to open up more.

Thank you to my friend for helping me to this.