In college I studied social networks. This was a few years before Facebook really took off. I was convinced that the world was a small network from books like Six Degrees and Linked. There were events in my life that convinced me of this, but nothing like what happened on Wednesday night.

I have become friendly with the owner of Rebel’s Elite. I saw her the other week at a competition and was asking her if there was any way I could help coach. I miss all star coaching. Much less responsibility, much more effort into the actual coaching. I like having my own team, but it is easier to just coach. Anyway, she mentioned she could use some help with her College program that met on Mondays and Wednesday nights. So, Wednesday night I found her new gym and showed up to help out a bit (late, but at least I came).

I walk in the gym, and am shy. That is the way I always am with a new program. You have to be careful with your first comment. You have to prove to the kids that you know what you’re talking about. One of the girls in the front started looking at me funny.

This Girl: I know you!
Me: Really?
This Girl: You’re from the east coast, aren’t you?
Me: Yeah, I’m from Connecticut. Moved out here in February.
This Girl: I met you in Providence last year, my name is Jelica.
Me: Wow, yeah, I remember that!

Anyway, the point of the story. I met this girl one night in Providence last February. Actually, it was the weekend before I moved out to California. She was able to remember my face and pick me out. We moved across the country, ended up in different towns but ran into each other.

The interesting connection is the cheerleading, people who are committed to the sport tend to meet up. All the gym owners I know seem to know each other. Its interesting how little you really have to do in the field to get connected, but once you are, you become intertwined in this web.