I’ve long had a thing for paper. I always carry around a notebook and pen, just in case I want to write something down. One thing I’ve noticed about my notebooks is their wear pattern. The more you use a notebook the more the corners begin to dull, the more creases in the pages. This wear increases the attractiveness of the notebook. I feel that this translates to most paper products. Generally speaking, the more wear a piece of paper has the more treasured it is. For this reason post cards are valuable. Not just the image, but the process of being through the male provides the wear. What you receive on the other end is a valuable piece of paper with an image and a note from a friend.

I’m collecting post cards, and I’m going to start sending a bunch more. If I ask you for your address, please don’t expect anything grand, just a nice piece of paper with a note from a friend. I also hope you return the favor. Interesting post cards and notes will get scanned and posted to my blog with your permission.