I’ve explained what I’m doing, but here is why:

We live in a world dominated by consumption. The fundamental model of our world is capitalism. Consumption of products created by others. Even now as I’m typing this, I’m a consumer. This machine was not built by me. The software I’m using I didn’t write. The keys I’m bombarding with my fingers have a cost associated with them. The coffee that I’m sipping on was purchased just down the street. All of these are things that were made by others and delivered to my hands usually at the cost of some currency.

I’m tired of just being a consumer. It’s simple, perhaps a bit arrogant, but I’m too smart to spend all of my time consuming others’ products. What I produce to world is created through my day job, these products are the general design of others. As such, they lack both my personal mark and label.

As someone capable of creation, I demand more from myself.