I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been working on a project for Cheer SF State. We are administering a fitness test when the students get back from the summer break. If they pass the test they will get out of part of boot camp (a three week intensive training schedule to get them into shape for the next year).

I made a website for the test. It is the easiest way to share it with people. It does not require any log in and students can get to it from anywhere.

Here’s a screenshot (the site is still being worked on):

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned from this project:

  • When making a video, look at the camera (this is obvious, but I didn’t do it)
  • It is possible and easy to cover up the iPhone’s mic, be careful when filming
  • It appears background SVGs don’t work on Firefox (really?)
  • RGBA is your friend. The last parameter is a decimal
  • For some reason Arial Black looks “chunky” on my site. It works well elsewhere, I’m still investigating this
  • There are no real good fitness videos on youtube, or if there are, they are impossible to find