I’ve been talking about this for a while with a close circle of friends. I’d like to start a trend of donating $5 a month to different charitable causes. The goal being if I can get enough people behind the idea, we could make some significant impact to the charitable space. Each month, I’m going to come up with a new charity, and provide instructions for donating to them. I’ll try not to hit the same charity too often, but there are a couple of causes I feel particularly passionate about.

This month I’d like to pitch one of my favorite charities: Charity:Water. They use all money donated to fund water projects in Africa. Providing clean and drinkable water to people who don’t have easy access. I’ve been donating to them for several years. To donate, just go the website and click donate. Fill out the instructions on the site.

If you donate, please leave a comment, message me on twitter, send me an email or whatnot. I’d like to do a follow up on how much we put to each of these charities over time.