T_Logging It

Casey Neistat Is a videographer in NYC. I started watching his youtube channel this week. Apparently he has decided that it would be good to V_Log every day. I can’t imagine the amount of work he puts into each of his daily videos. They are so well produced, and often quite interesting. Sure there is a goal of promoting his product Beme, but mostly he just shares his life.

I want to do that. I brush my teeth every day, that takes two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night. It’s a routine I never miss. I’m neurotic about it. I might shorten the time, but it always happens. Logging is going to be a part of that. I’m going to put it two places, my day one publish, and my tumblr. That’s it. Maybe I’ll get to P_Logging (with pictures) or possibly even V_Loggging it like Casey, but honestly, that is too much commitment for the commit-a-phobe I am.

Today is Halloween. I dressed as Indiana Jones last night, it’s hot outside today, not sure if I feel like doing the dress up thing again, if so, I may switch to shorts and a shirt sleeve shirt. Why is it 80 degrees on the last day of October?

Aside for this site

I’ll post the best things here, the stuff that I feel is useful. Tumblr is a place I feel more comfortable posting life things that aren’t really useful to anyone but my friends. I try to keep that irrelevant stuff off this site.