Like the great Mr. Neistat, I have taken a very long break from writing daily. Having something important to share with the world is hard, and honestly, I don’t. There is nothing overly important about me. Nothing super unique about the way I think or what I experience, so finding something to write and share is not easy.

So on with the unimportant things I can share with you. Lets talk about the tooling I use every day on my computer that helps me get through all the work I do every day. These are tools that I’ve come to trust and when I go to another machine that doesn’t have them, I can get very frustrated. Here’s a list:

  • Flycut – This is a keyboard manager that allows me to have a history of my text clipboard. This is super useful when you might need to copy multiple things.
  • SizeUp – This is a window manager. I have they board shortcuts managed. Only gripe is that the up spaces gets in the way of the Xcode change between .h and .m so I have delete that mapping. Other than that, this piece of software is a saver.
  • Sublime Text – This is what I wish the Mac text editor app was. Sometimes I even use this as a pass through to paste things into google or excel so it looses the format. I used to use text mate, but switched to sublime text and now it is a requirement.

There are many other little pieces that I use on a daily basis, but these three tools make the a Mac usable and without them I have a pretty hard time. Some other things worth noting: