I just got back from a three week long road trip across the country to move the last of my belongings to the east coast. I’m going to try to live bi-coastal, but without all the goods on both coasts.

Our last meal on the left coast before starting the 3000 mile journey back to Rhode Island was at the famous fast food chain In-N-Out. This is chain that until recently was entirely a west coast thing. They’ve slowely been creeping across the country and are as far as Denver as of this year. They are known for their unique fast food style burgers. I once read somewhere, that their burgers are almost 40% fat. They are super thin patties and allow for a bunch of customization.

Because of the unique ways you can customize a burger, everyone has their own special order. I’m no exception. My order is a two by one with whole grilled. This means, two meat patties, one piece of cheese and a slice of onion kept whole and grilled. Sometimes I will even do a protien style version of this meal which means wrap the burger in lettuce instead of a bun.

I’ve tried fries light, fries well, and fries animal style (with grilled cheese, diced carmelized onions, and thousand island dressing), but the standard fries turns out to be good enough for me.

Anyway, hope you get a chance to try In-N-Out if you haven’t. It’s worth the wait in line (though maybe not in Denver, yet).
Image Credit:

Blake Guidry