I’m dilatory in putting together my report on my trip to Vermont in the past couple of weeks. During the trip I finalized the idea of my new side hustle: Zack’s Packs and Gear Repair. This business’ goal is to create some fantastic packs that are completely custom and bespoke, and then to repair goods that would otherwise be thrown away.

This business is an exploration work of sorts, and as such I’m doing something fun with the logo. I’m talking to a bunch of artists, preferably local people, to attempt to discover the right logo mark. I’m going to talk a bit about the company and the project.

The Assignment

Spend a minimal amount of time, preferably in the hour to two hour range to come up with a design for the project. It can be hand drawn, high res photo of a hand drawn image, or a digital asset.


You must agree to price and payment before completing a prototype of a project. I will not pay for projects not commissioned. I’m doing a bunch of these designs and reserve the right to use all work in any manner I wish including, but not limited to: stickers, website, patches, shirts, hoodies, coasters, and anything else I can get printed.

If you are interested in submitting an entry please send a note to zachary@zacharyc.com to agree on terms and timeline.

Brief notes about the company

This company will create backpacks, other bags and repair broken gear. This is designed specifically for technical gear like back packs, tents, rain jackets, etc. Several of the reasons for the business are reducing carbon footprint by fixing things closer to home. Some of the major Patagonia repairs are done in Reno so from the east coast goods end up doing a double cross country trip to get fixed. Goal being to Reduce, Reuse, and Repair.

If you want to see an example of one logo already received, please see below. This design was submitted by @eliahpelletier. Here for inspiration, but nothing is required.

logo idea