There are very few consistencies on this website. Pretty much the only one is the year review and accountability for the following. This is that post.

Review of 2022 and Goals

Going through the goals from 2022.

Rent The House

I’m giving myself a check on this. The original goal was to try and rent the home for the summer and live with my parents or in the van or somewhere else over the summer. The problem came in with the dog. While I can easily find a place to stay, it’s not always as easy to find a place to stay with Coco. I originally wanted to go the West Coast for the summer, but decided against that. With all those factors, I decided to find roommates instead of renting the whole house.

I found roommates and have been renting rooms since August. That counts as win here.

Learn to Cook More

This one is not a win. This is a fail. I cooked a bit and I learned a few things here and there, but I’m not cooking nearly enough to be the adult I want to be. Plus cooking is really just applied chemistry. This stuff should be fun.

1000 Miles By Foot

I missed this. But instead of calling at complete loss. I did about 510 miles before my watch stopped syncing with my phone. This is about 50% of goal, which is failing. Still 500+ miles is still an accomplishment. This setting the foundation for what I’m doing next year.

It turns out that I really don’t like running. The problem with a 1000 miles on foot goal is that you are then spending a bunch of time running or walking. There is no way around it. You have to. To address this, next year I’m going to add a goal that adds in biking and I’m pretty excited about that as well.

Dance More

Definitely fail. I did no organized dancing this year. Part of it was that I wasn’t ready to find a community and part of it was a lack of effort from my part.

Get Better at Cleanliness

Cleaning is a constant process. It’s ongoing and every present. I will NEVER be to the level of this that my parents will be happy with. I still have work to go before I’m happy. But did I make progress? I have cleaners coming every other week. I’ve worked on putting some things away. I definitely feel like I’m making progress.

Working with others

This is a vague representation of the actual goal in my notes. I don’t feel comfortable talking about the specifics of the actual goal. I’m better at working with others, I’m not done with this. I’m on a journey here and still have room for growth.

Write the Acroyoga Field Guide

I’ve started this project in many different ways, I’ve got notes for days. I have ideas I have pieces, but the guide isn’t done. Still have more work to do here.

Consolidate and Minimize

Um, completely the opposite of this has happened in my life. I have more hobbies than I did at the beginning of last year. I have more gear than I had in the past. I have more stuff. I have maximized where I could have minimized.

2022 In Review

This has been a year. Here is an outline of some of the details

  • Dealt with the ending of the most significant relationship of my adult life.
  • Learned to sew on real sewing machines. I finally understand why a Sailrite costs so much.
  • Received a boat and begun the work of restoring it.
  • Have given my dog some pretty bad habits and am starting the process of fixing them.
  • Set a personal CrossFit Scale Record at 795.
  • Traveled to the West Coast for the Holidays but was too sick to attend to Christmas Dinner.
  • Finally feeling like I own extended hand to hand with some flyers.
  • Worked on the Acroyoga community in Newport.

There are many more events in a year than I can capture in these notes, but this is what is top of mind.

Upcoming 2023

Reflecting on the goals in 2022, there were far too many to achieve the success I wanted. I have a couple of specific fitness related targets, but for the most part I want to shift this year to focus on working on my identity over specific goals.

For background, I’m reading the book Atomic Habits as I drive these days. There are a lot of very interesting bits of this book. So far, my favorite story is about the “aggregation of marginal gains” from the British Cycling coach Dave Brailsford. He proposed making many small changes the way the cycling team was working in order to try and get a significant improvement in the results of the team. Small things like teaching the cyclists the most effective way to wash their hands to reduce the amount of time they get sick made a huge deal and eventually lead to some major wins by British Cycling who had been pretty quiet in years past.

I’m going for a year of small gains. Many small gains. This is the year of finding small ways in the hopes that it makes a larger goal.

Fitness goals

The one area where there are concrete measurements are in the fitness category. I have two very specific fitness goals.

  • Lose 60 lbs. I started at 262 last week. This is the heaviest I’ve been. There are plenty of reasons I’m at this weight, but I don’t like it. Being this heavy has a lot of negative side effects. I’m changing this. I’m going live the healthy lifestyle I want.
  • Travel 3,136 miles by foot and bike. This is the distance from Portland, ME to San Diego, CA. A long term dream of mine is to bike across the country. This is a step in that direction. If I can’t do the distance in a year, how am I going to be able to do it in a row? Building on top of last year, this goal I’m adding in biking to try and focus on a cardio source I really do love.


There are a lot of other things I want to accomplish this year, this is just a hint of where I’d like to go. From my projects with zacroyga and zacks_packs, to personal reading and writing goals, to social and economic goals, to working on the house. Still this is a pretty strong starting point and I’m excited to see what 2023 brings.