As a dog daddy, I have a lot of fears. I’m afraid of how I support her life. I’m worried that I won’t get her out enough. No matter how much I get her out, I’m always afraid it isn’t enough. When we go out, I’m worried that I give her too much freedom or not enough freedom. I’m embarrassed when she does something terrible and proud when she does something good.

Mostly, I’m afraid I’m not raising her correctly and that I’m passing on my trauma to her.

Dogs are pets, and unlike humans, their existence seems pure. The fact that they are acting with good intentions is impossible to argue. If a dog jumps up on a counter and steals food, it’s not doing it maliciously. They are here for love and support. While cats are similar, the nature of a dog is just different.

I resent the fact that I am unable to understand her. What is she telling me when she whines in the car, even after I lower the windows? What else can I do for her? When I cuddle her, how do I know if she likes it? I can’t afford to put her in daycare at this point. Is that negatively affecting her life because she is stuck with me for so much of her life?

My only saving grace is that I love her wholeheartedly and know that I will do everything I can to facilitate her having the best life I can provide for her. She will see that she is loved.