Every morning, I make the same sandwich. While it might be simple and basic, I’m happy that I have found one way to start my day: by making something good and tasty. Saying it is healthy is a stretch, but at least it has protein.

Since I’m at a loss for important things to write about today or just having a low-energy day, I decided to share my breakfast sandwich.

It starts in a cast iron pan set to medium heat with butter. I let the butter melt and spread out. Then, an egg ring is placed on the surface and moved around to butter up the insides. It is then given a minute to heat the metal of the ring.

Then, an egg is cracked into the egg ring. Using my hands and pressure, I pull apart an English muffin and also place that in the pan. After several minutes, the more substantial half of the English muffin is removed and put on a plate. The egg is flipped, two slices of American cheese are placed on the egg, and the other half of the English muffin is placed on top.

Then, the half already plated is drizzled with a light touch of maple syrup.

Once the cheese is melted, the egg section is removed from the plan and placed on the already-plated English muffin half.

That is it.