A friend gifted me a banjo a few months ago, and I’m obsessed with it. I have tried a bunch of musical instruments in my life but stuck with none. I did the viola for a year in fourth grade. I tried piano for a semester in 10th grade, and I’ve picked up several ukuleles in my time. None of them have gotten me to practice.

The Banjo is a different being. I want to practice it daily. I want to hear the single strings being plucked one at a time and practice my finger rolls. I’m practicing the four chords I know (yes, one is entirely open).

If there is something you want to pursue and you find yourself only slightly interested in it. Like me playing the piano. Keep hunting for the tool that makes it what you like doing. This is advice that I need to follow in other areas like fabric cutting and programming.

If you care about music, and the typical instruments haven’t worked for you, consider trying a new one. Good luck. I’m thankful I found my instrument.