There are many more technologically relevant things I should be writing about today, but forgive me. Today is February 14th, and as such is known as Valentine’s Day. While my truest Valentine is my dog, Coco, this day can be a day of sharing love with others. That is the way I celebrate.

I’m telling everyone out there that I have an affinity for you. Even if we have quarreled and disagreed, you deserve love and affection. You have a purpose, are worthy, and are actually quite amazing in your way. You are different from everyone else, and your individuality makes you special, unique, and extraordinary.

Poem: Valentine’s Day Community

On this Valentine’s Day

May I just say

You are truly amazing

Even if I lack the phrasing

To accurately capture you

I hope these words ring true

You are fantastic

Please be ecstatic

For today is a day of togetherness

Hopefully rolling on to foreverness.