This week, we introduced Gluino to the world. My friend Sean and I have been working on this project for a bit. It’s officially a company, and we are officially making things happen.

In this post, I want to introduce you to the product and company and explain why I’m so excited. Maybe, at the end, I’ll even explain the name.

The Product

Gluino is an AI product, like so many other technologies that are being released right now. It uses LLM technology to answer text-based questions. There are a lot of products out there doing this, but Gluino is different. Our goal is to provide better results for your questions than the other products by giving enhanced context to the LLM.

This is a confusing concept. While we have a beta up doing some of the work, we are figuring this out and working on making the best solutions for our customers. As we do more of this fun work, we’ll explain how we are going about doing this.

Our beta uses the concept of memory. This means that Gluino will remember what you are discussing from question to question. This means you can have a conversation with Gluino about your data without writing any prompts. Your question is the prompt!

The Company: Gluino Inc

While the product is still under heavy development, the company is a pretty exciting concept. It was started by my friend Sean, and even before we had any code, we had values. These values target the how of what we are building, the what will come as we continually apply the how.

Our values are L.T.R.I.T., which I pronounce “literate.” I’ll probably write more about these values over time, but here is a summary of them and why they are essential.

Learn - Knowledge is gained through learning. Knowledge is the most crucial asset gained in life.

Teach - Knowledge is more powerful when it is shared. Pass on the knowledge you gain to others.

Recognize - As a company, we will succeed or fail together. It is important to recognize where we are, what we have left to do, when we make mistakes, and when we have victories.

Improve - Nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Trying to be perfect is impossible, but making something better and improving it can be easy. Let’s focus on small improvements that lead to significant results.

Transparency - We believe in working for a company where we are open and honest with each other and clearly explain hard decisions to the team. Transparency shares responsibility and accountability.

We believe that by being true to our values, we will build a company we are proud of, a company that does excellent work, and a company with buy-in from our teammates as we develop the what of the company; at least, we know how we will be building it.

The Name: what is a Gluino

This is a pretty technical explanation, so please feel free to ignore it. It isn’t very relevant to our company, but it is interesting and relates to our product.

Starting with an atom’s most basic building blocks are electrons, protons, and neutrons. You can break these sub-atomic particles down even further to things called Quarks. Quarks combine to form hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons. This combination of quarks is done with Gluons. A Gluino is the theoretical supersymmetric partner of the Gluon.

Gluons are responsible for the strong interaction between quarks that keeps them combined.

If my wording isn’t clear, we have vastly exceeded my knowledge of physics from high school and college, so please forgive me if it isn’t clear.

A Gluino is a super symmetrical partner to a gluon. Supersymmetry is a theoretical framework in physics. It is still just a theory, as no proof has been found. In supersymmetry, all the particles we have discussed have a supersymmetrical partner. Electrons have electrinos. So Gluons have Gluinos.

Okay, so how is this connected to our project? Firstly, like gluons “glue” quarks together to create hadrons, Gluino helps connect LLMs to more relevant information. Just like supersymmetry is theoretical and still being proven, Gluino is in the process of being developed.