Simple Merchant Cult Coins

Simple Merchant Coffee has a loyalty program. Each time you get a coffee you end up with a punch in a punch card (usually a playing card). On your seventh coffee they trade in your punch card for a pocker chip they call a Cult Coin. Cult Coins are redemable for any coffee on the simple merchant menu. You can also purchase a cult coin for $7.

At the start the line of ocins was pretty generic. Covering a couple of different coins. Over time SMC has commissioned coins for local businesses and artists. There are many different coins at this point, and I have collected most.

Cult Coins Calvin and Hobbs

The Collection

As coins are released there is often some signifcance. At this point, I usually get an iced americano when I go in which isn’t worth using a coin on. So I have collected a large amount. There was also that time where I decided that I needed to have all the Local Spots coins and just decided to buy a bunch. I have this large collection, what should I do?

Well, I feel an oncoming project to catelog and photograph my collection and maybe even offer some of the extras I have to for trade. More to come.

Local Spots 1 Coins