City Guides

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel around this country and world. This page is about some of those cities and the some of the places I’ve visiting. All places are remembered and described to the best of my ability. Some may have closed since the time I’ve written about them, please forgive me for not updating each guide more frequently. Portland, OR Newport, RI Westport, CT

May 7, 2024 · zacharyc

Pete's Pirate Life Treasure List

Peter McKinnon’s website: Pete’s Pirate Life. On the site he releases drops of products. This is my database of products that I have seen on the site, a review of each of them and other random thoughts on what is released. Notebooks Pocket Log Books ($35) These pocket sized notebooks are identical in size to the Field Notes notebooks I’m obsessed with. The covers are a bit shinny, though, and they paper feels rigid and not at the same caliber of as a Field Notes book....

July 13, 2021 · zacharyc

Flow State Ratings

| Date | Score | Notes | |---|---|---| | 10/21/20 | 7/10 | Pretty good, or maybe the more recent stuff has been so bad that I’m just excited about this one. | | 9/30/20 | 3/10 | Way too mellow to be effectively motivating for a day of work. | | 9/29/20 | 7/10 | Classical, very nice and relaxing | Table of ratings for each of the days of the flow state....

September 29, 2020 · zacharyc


I recently finished reading Draplin’s book Pretty Much Everything. He talks about his website and if you go to DDC, you will see lists of pretty much everything. Copying is the most sincerest form of flattery, so here I am making some lists. People I Want to Meet Someday Rose Marcario – CEO of Patagonia Tommy Caldwell – Professional Climber Aaron James Draplin – Huge fan of his design.

May 12, 2020 · zacharyc

Quarantined Projects

In March of 2020, Santa Clara County was put on shelter in place due to the novel Coronavirus causing COVID-19. During the time that I’m quarantined I will have to do a number of projects to prevent myself from going crazy. Hopefully this page will display some (hopefully most) of the projects I take on during this crazy time in our lives. Leslie Is The Best For various reasons, the rules of my household have prevented me from being the type of friend I want to be to one of my greatest friends, Leslie....

April 1, 2020 · zacharyc