I could get started on some of the most interesting things I’ve done when I was tired (like talking to a telephone poll) but I would like to share a quick story. A friend of mine and I were taking the subway the other evening when she walked right into the turnstile and it did not turn. She looked down at the darn thing wondering why it blocked her entrance. After a few seconds of puzzlement she realized that she had forgot to swipe her metrocard.

Okay, okay, not rest on my friends embarrassment, I would just like to add that sleep tends to have a profound effect on people. In the past I’ve read that sleep allows you to convert short term memory into long term memory. Sleep allows me to focus and remember more. I shoot for 8 hours a night and when I get that, I’m much more on my game. When I miss it I do silly things like walk into a turnstile (or worse).