I found the best gadget. Amazon just released the Kindle and this thing looks great. Its an ebook reader with some additional features that distinguish it from the rest. Firstly, this device has a EVDO built in. What does this mean? No need to find Wifi to download a book, Kindle connects like a cell phone to the amazon store to get your books. Actually, Amazon even opens up Wikipedia access so you can look up articles on the go. Secondly, this device is created by amazon. They are a company in the right position to see that a large quantity of their books make it to correct format for this device. One complaint, so far the price of the technology books is still prohibitively high. These books are still greater than 20 dollars, which I still see as a large amount to pay for an electronic document. Can’t wait to see this thing in action, though. Maybe that will change my perception of the cost.