As competition season is fast approaching and my front through to layout still needing work, I decided to start re-working my Roundoff handspring full again, to make sure I had at least something to throw for our first competition. Well, I started a few weeks ago with throwing layouts, but to no real success. The layouts timing was off. What do you expect after a nearly 6 month break from working on them.

Regardless, I pursued. I continued to work on my layout, and finally figured out I was forgetting to flick out of my back hand spring. Even with that, I have not felt ready to throw my full. With only 2 practices left for me before we compete, I today had to be the day to throw it. I had no choice in the matter.

First running pass was a layout, very fishy, but the height was there. Second pass, I went for it, and nailed it. Now I know I only did it once, but still, after not having thrown something in about 6 months, getting it back is a sweet feeling. Well, that was my day 😀