This is perhaps the picture I am most proud of. It was a beautiful wedding and this picture is really amazing to me. However, I’m not sure I did good job on the color corrections. I’m posting both an edited version and a version taken directly from the master. Let me know which one you like the most.

[![This is the version of this image that I modified.](/assets/img/2008/08/mikeandlauraeditted.jpg?resize=500%2C330&ssl=1 "Mike and Laura Edited")](/assets/img/2008/08/mikeandlauraeditted.jpg?ssl=1)
This is the version of this image that I modified.

Without corrections

[![This version is without corrections](/assets/img/2008/08/mikeandlaura.jpg?resize=500%2C330&ssl=1 "Mike and Laura Standard")](/assets/img/2008/08/mikeandlaura.jpg?ssl=1)
This version is without corrections