I’ve been trying very hard to post a new photo every week day to the Photo of the Day category. It’s not always easy deciding what I want to post, so sometimes I miss it. Today I spent about 30 minutes looking through my photos trying to decide where I wanted to go today. I finally found a photo, went to upload it, and boom: SmugMug is Down. While this post is dated yesterday, I can only assume that this is the issue still persisting.

Very not cool. I pay for this service, and while I don’t depend on Flickr for hosting images, I haven’t seen my hosting over there go down. While I’m happy that SmugMug is trying to preserve my data, if I were a professional photographer who used their site for my material, I would probably be pretty frustrated if I couldn’t upload a bunch of images. On top of which, if you are going to be down, post more updates to your status blog. Keep the users informed. I know you are busy trying to fix it, but let me know what is going on, more information == happier customer.