Random post about nothing important

For the past 5 years Sundays have been about cheerleading for me. It started when I started working for LCI in October 2003 as a gymnastic coach. We were open on Wednesdays and Sundays. Sundays we would get in around 11 AM and would work until after 9 PM. The reason for this schedule was that we were at a local sports center and it was the only time we could take over one of their rollar hockey rinks.

When I moved to CT, I started working for a gym in Greenwich, CT (Greenwich Tumble and Cheer), and cheering for a team in Woodbridge, CT(CT Spirit). I would go to my practice in Woodbridge and then drive all the way down to Greenwich to coach. Eventually the traveling just became too much for me and I moved to working exclusively at CT Spirit. I would get to the gym by 12 and be there till 9. Long days, but fun days.

Now that I’m out in California, I am on an open team at CheerGyms.com, and we practice on Sundays from 10 to 12 in the morning. It’s early, and about an hour and change away from where I live so that is a large time commitment and I can’t hang out with friends too late on Saturday night, because I have early Sunday commitments.

Yesterday was especially tough, I had my open team practice, followed by a visit to Premier Allstars to meet Coach Morgan, and capped off the evening with a two hour practice and a one hour gymnastics session at Woodside.

What I find so interesting is the connection between Sundays and my passion. I live in a society where religious activities tend to happen mostly on Sundays. Its the day of the week for rest and reflection. What I tend to reflect on is how we are going to do a pyramid, how how to improve my tumbling or where to go to competition. In some ways I’m beginning to wonder whether cheerleading might actually be my religion (instead of Judaism)?