I’m not much of a PHP guy, but I chose WordPress for this blog because I feel it is the most stable, well refined, yet easy to use blogging tool out there. Once the platform was decided I started looking for themes that worked well. I finally found something that I really liked when I stumbled on Ciaran Walsh’s blog. The theme is called JustSimple.

It’s a great theme, and I enjoy it on my site, but there areas where it has come up short. Mostly in styles for certain elements. I started a simple github project for my changes to JustSimple Project. One such change I’ve made is to add support for Definition Lists. Terms are bold and definitions are padded left.

If you want, you can download the theme from github (with a shameless use of the definition list):

Zip Format
[Zip File](http://github.com/zacharyc/justsimple-wordpress/zipball/master)
Tar Format
[Tar File](http://github.com/zacharyc/justsimple-wordpress/tarball/master)