We went up to Napa this past Saturday. On the way back, after the majority of the car had consumed a significant amount of wine, we stopped off at Taylor’s Refresher for a burger before the drive home. One member of our crew decided that we should get a full bottle of wine. Just so we are clear, I don’t really drink, I had a few tastings that day, but had already consumed more than I had wanted to, so I was out on the bottle. The three remaining members decided to attack a bottle of red wine in one lunch sitting.

The wine of choice, something interesting, called “The Climber”. A nice red, with a mix of various different types of wine. Sounded interesting, so they got it. Once we got it to the table, we realized, with some shock, that the wine was made by Cliff. The same company that does the amazing Clif energy bars. Needless to say, after they were thoroughly “happy” off their wine, the bottle was rinsed and the cork was wrapped and packed along for the trip home.

I’m going to write a post soon on The Brand Gap: Expanded Edition , but one interesting part of the book talks about the relevance of products used to extend a brand. I’m not sure that wine has a strong correlation to the core clif bar business, but if my friends are any indication of the clif consumer, they were ecstatic when they found the bottle and this might just work.

Note: I did not actually try this wine, by this point I was done drinking, so I cannot comment on the taste. Those who were drinking it said they somewhat enjoyed the taste, but that the novelty of the item might have had an impact on that enjoyment.