This week is my birthday. It’s a particularly important birthday, but I’m not talking about that.

To celebrate, I’m hosting a coffee shop popup in my home. While I’ll give you all the other details in this post, if you don’t know me, or know someone who really knows me, then you are sort of out of luck, as I’m only giving out the address to friends. So go meet one of my friends or reach out if you want the address.


7:30 am to 1:00 pm, first floor of my house.

Free coffee at the Popup. Everything food related is donation only. I have an espresso machine with tons of different beans. I will be very impressed if I have to go out and buy coffee afterward (I will also be happy because that will mean so many people came that I used up my coffee). I also have milk and non dairy milk as well as some syrups. I’m striving to make a peanut butter cup latte by this weekend, but we shall see if we get there. I might also make some cold brew and potentially even offer pour over.

Pastries will be provided by the Croisant Daddy himself, Mr. Chad Baguette. Unsure of exactly what he is making, but they will be available as well, on a first come first serve basis, so come earlier to gaurentee you get one.

In addition to food and beverage there will also be some wares for sale. There will be several packs from Zack’s Packs as well as some notebooks from a local friend and maybe even some from my personal collection.


This is just a fun hang out. This is not something where you show up at 7:30 and ride the day until we are done at 1:00. Feel free to pop by grab a coffee and go. I’ve got to go cups in the form of mason jars, so just take it and go.

If you have questions or are looking to order gear or get something repaired, please reach out to me at the event. Business cards will be available.