I’m back to being busy again. I feel like the pandemic lull is over and work is finally picking back up. I’m getting serious about coaching again with Salve Regina Cheer, and I’m getting back into teaching acro. I will have some announcements on that later. I’m sewing some packs. Well I sewed one last weekend and I’m trying to get up the courage to do one this weekend as well.

I’m reading more too. One of the reflections I had this year after my birthday is that I wish I was better read. I’ve seen many movies, watched my fair share of television (especially, Aaron Sorkin shows), but there is so much more in this world that I haven’t dove into. There is so much more that I want to learn and there are many books out there. I own many books. I own many books I’ve meant to read, but haven’t even started.

The thing that I’m going to say is that when I have my projects I tend to get a little more efficient and accomplish more. When I’ve been in the lull, I don’t do as much. I’m excited to be working. I’m excited to be doing. I’m excited to be doing more. Now lets just hope I can follow through.