I posted last week about the values at Gluino. After further talking them over with some friends, we decided to learn as a group and change one of our values (yes, already).

The value we are changing is Transparency. We are shifting it to Trust. This post explains why.

Transparency is complicated in the business world. As a company grows, it is hard to be transparent about everything. There are also problems that one group needs to worry about while another may not.

While we are a very small company, we have already practiced some of this compartmentalization. There are parts of the product I don’t fully understand, just as there are parts of the front end that Sean hasn’t invested the time to learn yet. I don’t need to know many parts of the business, and worrying about them would only burden me and hinder my productivity.

What is important is that we trust that each other is working and doing their best. We trust that if there is someone we need to know, we can ask and figure it out. It goes both ways. The company trusts each of us to do our job, and we trust the company to look out for us.

The good news is we are still keeping LTRIT, or literate, as our acronym for our values.